3 Ear Problems Audiologist Can Also Treat Apart from Hearing Loss

Audiologists are experts in conducting hearing test, diagnosing and also treating hearing disorder irrespective of whether it is caused by a recent injury, birth defect, or excessive noise.

What you may not have known before now is that an audiologist can also treat certain ear conditions which are not completely related to hearing. In case you have one of the under listed ear health problems, you can always consult an audiologist to help you with the diagnosis, treatment and probably give you some other recommendations. So all you need to do in such a situation is to find a professional audiologist like Audiology Centre West to help with the treatment because the sooner you do that, the better.

#1: Recurring infections in your middle ear

Ear infections are mostly found among kids, but adults still develop them. Each time you suffer a chronic ear pain, or pressure in the ear, accompanied by either a drainage or a fever, then you may have a middle ear infection. Though other medical professionals may detect a middle ear infection. It is a good idea you visit an audiologist if this problem continues. An audiologist can help in evaluating the middle ear with different tests to find out if frequent infections are caused by a disorder in the middle ear, and recommend how to go about with treating that disorder.

#2: Frequent dizziness or you have problems with balancing

In case you have symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, frequent falls, blurred vision, and disorientation, then you may have a balance disorder. The human sense of orientation and balance to the world around us is believed to come from our inner ear, and can get damaged by diseases, syndromes, injuries, or toxins; these can happen at once, or gradually.

Audiologists are professionals when it comes to treating the inner ear system and are well experienced in diagnosing balance disorders using a particular testing method.

#3: You have serious earwax buildup

Earwax can be regarded as our friend since it helps in making sure our ears are kept clean and infection-free. It also regulates itself so we can have the perfect amount. However, our bodies sometimes overproduce it.

In case you have symptoms such as fullness in your ear, pressure, difficulty in hearing, pain, dizziness, tinnitus, drainage or itching, then you may have impacted earwax, a severe condition that is best treated by an audiologist in order to avoid further damages to your hearing. Audiologists are responsible for treating hearing loss. However, they can also treat and detect infections, and help in balancing ear disorders and any form of earwax impaction.