Are gyms required to have free water?

You’ve got the top workout gear, the best shoes possible and a great attitude as you head into the gym – what more could you need? Well, if you plan on getting in a good workout, a water bottle is another essential item you should always bring to the gym.

But what happens when you forget yours? Surely your gym will have free water available for those days where you are a bit forgetful, right? Well, depending on the amenities available, you may be out of luck.

Is My Gym Required to Provide Free Drinking Water?

Most gyms offer a variety of different amenities to help cater to the needs of their members. From free childcare to saunas, locker rooms, tanning beds and more – depending on your personal needs, there’s a gym out there that is designed to provide you with the ultimate health and fitness experience.

While it would be nice to make sure that every gym in the country at least had a drinking fountain available for their members, in some cases that isn’t possible. Whether it’s due to the size of the gym, the layout or other reasons, there may not be free drinking water available in every gym. However, most gyms will have an option available to purchase water bottles.

MUV Fitness Amenities

At MUV Fitness, we are proud to offer our members many different amenities to help make your fitness experience more comfortable. Some of the most common amenities provided at our gyms include:

  • MUV Kids – Childcare for the littlest members of our wellness family!
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Pool and Jacuzzi
  • Personal Training
  • Sauna
  • Racquetball Courts
  • Basketball courts
  • MUV Rewards – Perks that include exclusive merchandise, friend memberships and more.

Contact us today to learn more about the great amenities available at your local Spokane MUV Fitness.

Donnald Elley