Botox And Dermal Fillers Are Way Different From Each Other—Know In Just 4 Factors

We usually want to ensure that youth is something that we never lose! And we try various methods for the same isn’t it? But what is the very first sign that you are starting to lose your youth? Is it not the wrinkles and the glow less skin?Yes it is pretty obvious that even if our skin cannot literally talk yet it can express a lot many things! And one of the major things that it indicates at is the fact that we are losing grip on our youth no matter what the reason is. Is there a solution to it?There are many! But two of the most used solutions are Botox and dermal filling! We usually Resort to these two methods for the perfect results to our aging and tiring skin. But there are many differences between the two and we must know about the Botox vs dermal fillers debate completely.

There are various factors on which the differences can be made! We will help you understand that what these factors are.

The ingredients:

What are the ingredients that these concussions are actually made of? This is one of the most important factors that you must have an idea of. The Botox is the injection that is nothing but the most pure form of botulinum toxin.

It is practically obtained from particular bacteria. The dermal fillers are completely different to what a Botox is. There are various different types of substances that are used in the dermal fillers. Often calcium hydroxylopatite is used. And it is none other than a compound that is found in the bones.

Also various other things can be used in order to ensure that dermal fillers are being made out of them and they all serve different purposes.

What do they work on?

In the Botox vs dermal fillers debate this is one of the most crucial and important differences that people must be aware of. The Botox only takes care of the wrinkles that occur when a particular muscle moves.

While on the other hand the dermal fillers work on various things all together. The help in plumping up the lips that are actually thinning. They also help in removal of the wrinkle that occupies your under eyes.

It also helps in softening the scars on the face.

The time period they work for:

The Botox usually lasts for a period of 3 to that of 4 months of time. In some cases we can work for 6 months of time as well. While on the other hand the dermal fillers actually last longer depending on which you have used.

It varies from around 6 months of time to that of 2 years of time without a problem at all.

The price structure:

Considering the various advantages and time limit Botox can be safely concluded to be costlier than that of dermal fillers. The Botox injections have to be pushed in every 4 to 6 months of time easily. While with the dermal fillers, there is no such stress at all.

Clare Louise