Electronic File Management with a Document Management System

The file as a repository for documents of any kind has a long tradition because since the late Middle Ages files are kept. Initially, the collected papers were held together by filing thread, before folders prevailed at the beginning of the 20th-century, folders, and strips of tape. The still well-known and popular file folder was invented by Friedrich Soennecken together with the Locher 1896 as an “apparatus for the temporary stitching of letters.” At least that was the time of the filing thread expired. At the beginning of the 21st century, it is now the paper file folder that is no longer up-to-date, because electronic filing has long since taken its place. Whether customer, supplier, personnel, project,

Electronic File Management as a Competitive Advantage

Why is that good? Quite simply, to “shelve” something (not to deal with something) may still be a well-worded word, but to close away information for all time is no longer fashionable in times of big data and digitization. On the contrary, providing data and information quickly wherever it can be used is one of the big challenges in securing valuable competitive advantages. After all, if you have to go down to the basement to look for information like medical inventory in the archive, you are already behind in the process of data mining.

Make Knowledge Usable Efficiently

Anything which is not in the files is not in the world. However, I would add today what is not in electronic files, is no longer in the world, because who is really still on the tedious search for information in a paper file? Most of these information treasures are hidden forever. It is difficult to estimate how many texts are constantly being rewritten, how many tasks are done over and over again, even though they have already been developed several times in the company, but the data is not effortlessly available. The electronic file management with a document management system (DMS) plays its full strengths here.

Danny Watson