Natural Methods of Neck Pain Treatment

How Neck Injuries Occur

Neck injuries can occur suddenly or will develop over time due to persistent straining due to awkward positions while sitting or lying down. Neck muscles can become inflamed if the head is held in an odd position for an extended period of time. Watching TV, sleeping with a too-high or too-flat pillow, or even stress while working or exercising can cause strained neck muscles. Neck pain treatment for strains usually depend on the location and severity of the injury.

Sudden neck injuries are usually attributed to accidents, either during sports, strenuous activities, trip and fall accidents, whiplash due to a car accident, or whenever the head takes a direct blow. These neck injuries can be severe, resulting in pain, bruising, and swelling.

Medical Conditions That Cause Neck Pain

In addition to injury, neck pain can be a secondary indication of a medical condition. The flu virus or a heart attack can present many symptoms that may include neck pain. Arthritis or a pinched nerve between the neck discs can cause tingling and pain. Viral bacterial infections such as meningitis can cause tissue inflammation in the spinal cord and the result is often an extremely stiff neck with pain upon movement.

When neck pain is associated with another medical condition, often pain relievers are prescribed as treatment for the primary illness is usually the first priority. But there are natural remedies to alleviate neck pain and increase range of motion, and reduce stiffness and pain. Pain from the top of the shoulders to the base of the skull is generally attributed to an injury to one or more parts of the following:

  • Vertebrae of the neck which include joints of upper cervical spine
  • Neck discs that absorb shock, located between cervical vertebrae
  • Ligaments and muscles responsible for supporting the cervical spine

Natural Neck Pain Treatment

More and more, people with neck pain due to injury or strain are looking to natural solutions that will reduce or eliminate the need for addicting pain killers. While some look to herbal remedies, it will often take huge quantities to see any results and in the process the user can experience unexpected side effects.

For instance, taking St. John’s wort is often a go-to natural remedy for neck pain, but it can cause undesirable side effects and can cause serious interference with other medications being taken. Other side effects include  trouble sleeping, upset stomach, tiredness, headaches skin rash, and diarrhea.

A preferred natural method for treating neck pain is to use PRP injections as a therapeutic remedy for  acute or chronic musculoskeletal injury or pain, including the neck. PRP or Platelet Rich Therapy uses your own blood platelets which are full of potent growth cells to start the process of tissue repair at the injury site. This cutting edge therapy can regenerate weakened damaged ligaments of the neck – and it is less painful than many other neck treatments given by chiropractors.

Learn more about platelet rich therapy and the benefits of using it as your first choice for healing neck injuries and reducing pain and inflammation.

Clare Louise