Understanding the mini gastric bypass surgery

The mini gastric bypass is a short and inexpensive technique designed to reduce complications and simplify the weight loss procedure. When considering the weight loss surgery Dubai, it is important to get familiar with its details, including the pros and cons of mini gastric bypass surgery so you know exactly what to expect. We will let you know everything about it without hiding all important details.

The procedure

In the mini procedure, more of the intestine is bypassed as compared to the standard gastric procedure. A laparoscopic stapler is used to divide the stomach, making it smaller and detaching the most of it from oesophagus so it doesn’t receive food; it is bypassed. During surgery, the length of the intestines is also bypassed, and the remainder of the intestine is attached to the new stomach. Food travels from this small tube-like stomach to the bypassed intestines and only resume normal digestion in remaining intestine part. Your expectations along with your pre-surgery weight and height will help your surgeon decide the actual length of the bypass but it is usually between three to around seven feet.

How it helps in shedding pounds

Nowadays, a lot of people face weight issues due to their unhealthy eating habits which includes fast food and processed meals. Gastric surgeries promote weight loss gains by keeping the pounds in check. This is done by a permanent method which makes it harder for the body to consume excess intake of food and store it as fat. This is basically done in three ways.

Malabsorption – Our small intestine is mainly responsible for absorbing the calories from the food we intake. So, this procedure comprises of the bypassing a portion of the intestines. This then restricts the absorption of calories aiding in weight loss.

Food restriction – Not only it reduces calorie absorption, but also restricts the amount of food intake. The stomach pouch is made smaller, which makes patients feel full very early and thus they eat small amounts of food that in return benefits you by storing less fat.

Hormonal reduction – The hunger hormone has significant effects on appetite. The mini gastric surgery lowers the levels of this hunger hormone in the body. This helps in reducing appetite and shedding off that extra pounds

The recovery

The mini gastric bypass procedure is less invasive and thus the process of recovery is relatively faster. Patients may resume their normal routine after just a week. Post-surgery, it is common to experience a little belly pain, especially at incision sites particularly when you twist your torso. You may ask your surgeon to prescribe any medication to ease the pain out. Patients are encouraged for short walks to move around after surgery to manage the pain and assist the body in making necessary adjustments. Moreover, patients are discharged from the hospital in not more than 2 hours. The only thing they recommended is to follow strict diets and keep up with a liquid diet for the first two weeks. Gradually, they can start with soft foods and after a month can resume their normal eating. 


  • The mini bypass relieves obesity symptoms and decreases the risk of exposing to health conditions which acquire from excessive obesity.
  • It is less invasive and involves fewer incisions and hence is safer and less costly compared to standard gastric surgery.
  • The operating and recovery time is so much shorter. It takes not more than an hour and discharges the patients from the hospital in 24 hours. Patients can get back to normal activities within a week.
  • It has reduced chances of complications and has higher success rates.


  • High risks of malabsorption and vitamin and mineral deficiency complications.
  • Despite being less invasive, it still has potential infection risks. Leakage or infection may occur among staples on the stomach pouch and intestines.
  • Dizziness, diarrhoea, and nausea may occur due to food passing too quickly through the digestive tract.
  • A possibility of complications such as gastric reflux, surgical site hernias, ulcers, and other minor infections.

All this information is valuable in helping you make the right decision with your weight loss options. If you are considering mini gastric bypass Dubai for achieving weight loss goals quick, easy and with reduced risks contact a reputable and experienced surgeon.