What Makes for the Best Gastric Sleeve Surgeon in Houston?  

Making the decision to have gastric sleeve surgery can be life-changing. Though there are risks, for many individuals, this is the support necessary to transform health and improve quality of life. To make the decision to go forward, it helps to know you are working with the best gastric sleeve surgeon in Houston. Who you work with matters, not just for the procedure itself, but also for your potential long-term success.

Comprehensive, Specialized, and Modern Techniques

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most sought-after forms of weight loss surgery. It can be very successful and, in some cases, creates fewer risks. It may not be right for every patient. However, not all surgeons offer it. For those seeking out the best provider, be sure they offer gastric sleeve as one of their options. And, if you do not qualify for it, knowing your provider offers other options, such as gastric bypass, can give you some peace of mind.

Straightforward, Honest Answers

Going in for an appointment, one of the key things to look for in a surgeon is honesty. A provider that tells you this surgery will solve your problems isn’t being fully honest. Instead, look for a provider that creates a customized plan for you. It should address your needs, risks, and end goals. Most importantly, your provider should stress what it takes for you to do well. This may include restricting calorie intake, limiting the types of foods you consume, and engaging in exercise.

Communication Matters, Too

For many people, having a good relationship with their doctor is also important. Of course, you want an experienced, dedicated professional who is a leader in the industry. However, you also want a person who listens to you, understands the emotional aspect of weight loss surgery, and one willing to help you. You want a professional who is a decision-maker, but one who is also able to make time for you in their schedule if you have questions.

Education Makes a Difference

Another key in choosing the best gastric sleeve surgeon in Houston is education. Is the surgeon and his or her team providing you with ample education and information on what is going to happen? This should include pre-surgery and after. They should explain the procedure in-depth. They should also work closely with you, so you understand the risks.

Beyond these factors, it’s also essential to work with a proven leader in the industry. How frequently is sleeve surgery conducted? What are patient success rates? What type of risk factors are present for that doctor? Gathering