Your CBD Usage in Right Method

CBD oil is gaining in popularity and the slow but sure shadows are over CBD. Because some still think of drugs when they hear CBD, but can now teach a better one. CBD is an absolute all-rounder and can be used with so many ailments and symptoms and to alleviate and prevent. But not always the CBD dosage is clear and there are many questions. Of course, the CBD must be dosed individually, as each person is different and every person has other complaints. Nevertheless, there is a small guideline that helps to find the right dosage.

What must be considered in the CBD dosage?

To find the correct dosage for you, it is important to find the right product. While some prefer to bet on CBD CAPSULES or CBD globules, others swear by the CBD oil. Of course, capsules and globules with CBD are relatively easy to take and if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you cannot go wrong. For CBD oil or CBD powder this is a bit different. Therefore, especially beginners are recommended to use CBD capsules or products that are already pre-dosed. However, if you would rather use oil with CBD, you will find the appropriate points here that are important when taking them.

Tips on CBD oil dosage

Anyone who chooses to take CBD should be aware of some things that are important. Although CBD usually has no side effects, it can still lead to reactions when the dose was too high. Also, people who are already taking medication should consult with a doctor to clarify whether interactions are to be feared.

Otherwise, take the CBD intake to start small. It is recommended to start with a CBD oil 5 percent. This should be dripped twice daily per 5 drops in the morning and in the evening under the tongue. If you prefer to start with 10% CBD oil, you should reduce the dose to 2 or 3 drops in the morning and in the evening. This should be done for about a week before the dose is increased.

If the CBD oil is well tolerated, the dose can be easily increased after just under a week, should the symptoms do not improve. If the symptoms have improved, the dose can be maintained or slightly increased if you want to get even better results.

Can CBD oil be overdosed?

Yes, of course, too much CBD can be taken. However, this is not bad. In general, it can happen that it comes to great fatigue. This is because CBD has a relaxing effect and the high dosage then really relaxes the body and makes you tired.

There are no actual side effects or even overdoses in CBD. The only side effect that can be seen as positive or negative is that CBD curbs your appetite. This means that people with eating disorders should avoid CBD or better use a medicinal cannabis product, as THC stimulates appetite.

Clare Louise